• Vinyl Siding Care

  • Posted on June 07, 2013
  • While vinyl siding is very durable and relatively maintenance free it still needs some care. After all it is an investment like any other purchase for your home and drastically affects your homes appearance and therefore its value.

    Vinyl siding is like any sort of siding in that it will tend to collect dust especially if you have a heavily textured variety. Cleaning away the dust and dirt can be done a hose and mild cleaner. For other substances that might adhere to the surface consult the manufacturer for a cleaning product recommendation.

    Always be careful when using chemical products around your siding as they can cause your siding to discolor. Things like pesticides, herbicides, stains, sealants etc.

    While vinyl is less flammable than other exterior materials it will burn if continuously exposed to an open flame. So take care with your barbeque or that discarded pile of leaves.

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